Art Major

When some students sign up for an Art Major they think it will only involve creativity, paintbrushes and a lot of fun which is, of course, true!
But how many of them know how advanced some of the required terms are? Let's see...
The first lesson was "Cubomania". Can you guess what it's about? Well, students cut a portrait picture of themselves into squares and then reassemble it to create a new image. They have to consider perspective and structure and then worked together to discuss and evaluate one another's work.

On Tuesday "Collage" and "Surrealism" were the buzz words! Using collage students had to create a surrealistic image based on a story, dream, idea or concept. They also learned about some key movements in history and what effect they have had on art today.

 Thursday was all about the "Exquisite Corpse". Students worked collectively to create a surrealistic creature.   

Students exhibit their work on Sunday after presentations and we can't wait to  show you how much we have learned this week!