Presentations Day is all about excitement, preparation, overcoming stage fright, building self-esteem and exploring newly acquired skills of self expression . Did we forget to mention fun? Well, check for yourselves!

James Bound, our Course Director, Paloma and Yekaterina (Spanish and Kazakh group leaders) are sure looking forward to seeing what the student have prepared for their presentations.

And it does require a lot of preparation!

 Ken and Joao Paolo during their Advanced Exam Skills are practising one of the hardest grammatical structures in the English language "The Inversion"
 While the rest are patiently waiting for their turn to use even more inversion...

 Anton and Christos are presenting the websites they designed..
 And the Drama class presented lines and scenes from Shakespeare

 For their Drama class presentation the Japanese students are acting out an arrest of a recalcitrant offender


 And for the grand finale: budding actresses Allegra and Louise