Photography - Technical lesson on Shutter Speed

In this lesson we looked at shutter speed and the creative effects available when you manually control your camera. We looked at the extremes and first considered long exposures.  We went to the theatre where we could be in total darkness and used lazer pens to paint with light.
 Our exposures were 30 seconds each allowing us the time to write and draw around people and on the theatre walls. We then mixed this light painting with the ambient light from the spot lights.
 The spot lights are very bright and we calculated we only needed ¼ second flash from the spot light within the 30 second exposure to light up the students on the stage.
By mixing our lighting we produced excellent results and were able to write our names with the lazer pen while appearing in the images.

 We then thought about extremely fast exposures so we could freeze movement. We were lucky as student Ashkot is studying street gymnastics and is able to back flip. A perfect subject for our fast exposures.

By shooting with shutter speeds of 1/1250 and over we were able to capture him frozen and upside down in the air! A fun lesson where a lot of technical information has been learnt.