A Busy Few Days at Winchester

Spies, Ships and Serenading

The first few days of Week 2 have flown by. Our new arrivals are well settled in their classes and have become fast friends with the rest of the students on the course. This week we have taken our evening activities to a new level, with the You Bet game show night on Monday and Mission Impossible spy session on Tuesday. 

Here are the students about to embark on an excursion to the coastal city of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is famous for its maritime heritage, which will be explored by our students as they take a boat tour of the docks.

A memorable Winchester moment has been seeing our Activity Leader Hettie play the grand piano in the beautiful wood-panelled dining hall. Below we can see the students showcasing their own musical talents, after Hettie played the birthday song as we brought out a cake to celebrate Raphael turning 17.
 A highlight of You Bet (alongside the staff getting covered in whipped cream and raw eggs!) was the teamwork challenge depicted below. The students had to work together to hold each other up for as long as possible and win points in the hotly-contested colour group competition.
 Finally, we have our students testing their spy skills in our fiendishly difficult laser maze as part of the Mission Impossible evening activity.