Nearing the End of a Wonderful Winchester Week

Looking back on the past five days, it's difficult to believe that our students could have packed so much into such a short amount of time. 

They've explored both Portsmouth and London, excelled in their academic classes and taken part in activities ranging from traditional Scottish dance to a Winchester special of the popular TV programme Britain's Got Talent. 

All of the students have shown themselves to be incredibly creative and engaging individuals who really know how to have fun. 

A sneak peek at the upcoming film 'Titanic 2: the Portsmouth edition'

 The girls spent an afternoon learning how to make stained glass windows rivalling those in Winchester College chapel
 Students spend their Debating minor challenging each other on anything from the superiority of dogs over cats to the legality of the death penalty.
 On Thursday evening our students were lucky enough to take part in a live band ceilidh (a traditional Scottish dance).

We were delighted to celebrate yet another Discovery Summer Winchester birthday with raucous singing, applause and a great deal of cake.