Thursday Academic Majors

Film Making & Web Design

Classes are back to normal at Winchester after yesterday's excursion to Oxford. Our morning classes are underway and the students are engaging wonderfully throughout the five Majors that we offer in week 1. Below are some snapshots of our Film Making and Web Design Majors in action.

The Film Making group are finalising the script for their end of week movie. Roles have been cast and final script writing is underway. Our Film Making expert, Ross, is guiding the students through film specific jargon to help authenticate the process.

The Film Making class are busy discussing the script and finalising key details.

Ross is explaining the concept of Exterior vs. Interior script writing jargon. The students will start shooting their film this afternoon after great progress this morning.

Our Web Designers are busy formatting their layouts, backgrounds and text fields before diving into the specifics of their websites. Our expert Web Design teacher, Armelle, is busy helping the students familiarise themselves with the software and the best practice methodologies for designing the perfect website. 

Image formatting is a key part to a successful website.

Our students have planned our their designs and are now working with the software to transform their pencil notes into functioning websites.